Have you ever wanted to share the stories of your life with your family but don’t know where to start?  Research has shown that sharing your lifestory can bring an increase in self-esteem, resolve past conflicts and promote successful aging.  The Sharing Our Stories presentation reviews the different lifestory methods of Reminiscence, Life Review, Guided Autobiography, Memoir and Personal History to help you determine how you want to tell your story. The goal of the program is to help people see how sharing stories can help to make sense of the past, gain insight for the future and connect generations.  This informational meeting will be presented by Ellen Luby, a gerontologist, on Monday, April 16 at 10:30 a.m.  Sharing your unique LifeStory can be a wonderful, meaningful and fun experience!

This presentation is free and open to all. For more information, please call the Essex Library.

doctor-237479_1280Tuesday, May 5th from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m at the Essex Library

Join us in an interactive seminar to learn how to prepare a meaningful advance healthcare directive, how to discuss this difficult topic with your loved ones and to discover the home health care services offered by the Lower Valley Care Associates. This seminar is appropriate for anyone over age 18. There will be time for questions, and free, personal, assistance will be provided for those wishing to take the first steps toward preparing their own Advance Healthcare Directive. The event is free and open to the public.

As discussed in the Looking Both Ways event on April 25th at the Essex Town Hall, an Advance Healthcare Directive states your wishes for healthcare and designates a healthcare representative to speak for you, should you become incapacitated. Knowing the wishes of a loved one when you are the healthcare representative is a gift that many overlook or avoid considering.

Deborah Ringen MSN, RN-BC Faith Community Nurse, Visiting Nurses of the Lower Valley, earned her BSN from Simmons College in 1982 and her Master of Science in Parish Nursing and Health Ministry from Azusa Pacific University in 2010. She has extensive experience facilitating advance care planning workshops for physicians, healthcare providers and community members in California and Connecticut.

Visiting Nurses of the Lower Valley, a nonprofit Home Health Agency, provides Skilled Nursing, Medical Social Work, Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy, Home health aides, Telehealth and Faith Community Nursing services to communities of the Shoreline.

Meghan Brady is the Program Director for Lower Valley Care Advocates. In addition to being a healthcare and insurance lobbyist and political fundraiser in Washington, she was most recently the statewide Director of Community Outreach and Marketing with the United Way of Connecticut.

Attorney Jeannine Lewis graduated from Brown University in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology.  She received her Juris Doctor degree, with honors, from the University Of Connecticut School Of Law in 2005. Attorney Lewis has practiced law in Essex, Connecticut since 2006, and joined the local firm of Hudson and Kilby, LLC in 2010.

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scoreSecond and fourth Thursdays, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

If you’re looking for help with establishing a business plan, understanding basic financial statements, learning how to build a recognizable brand, managing technology effectively or understanding the intricacies of doing business with the State of Connecticut and the Federal Government, SCORE is here to help.

The Southeastern Connecticut chapter of SCORE® provides free and confidential advice on starting and growing small businesses. Counseling will take place at the Essex Library on the second and fourth Thursday of each month between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.  Appointments must be scheduled in advance, either by calling 860-388-9508, or by requesting a mentor online.

Don Flynn, an Essex resident, along with Steve Workman and other chapter members will counsel business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in Essex.  According to Flynn, “At the initial meeting, the business owner describes his or her current situation and challenges the business may be facing to a team of counselors.  Based on the specific areas of need, a SCORE counselor with experience in those areas is assigned to help guide the business owner in the completion of a business plan or other action steps.”


Tuesday, July 1st at 3 p.m.

Join fellow fans as we watch the World Cup match between the USA and Belgium on the Library’s 42-inch HDTV! Everyone is welcome to join us as we cheer on the US team.

trustsTuesday, May 20th at 6:30 p.m. at the Essex Library
Rethinking your estate planning, but confused about conservatorships and trusts? What are these, who should consider them, and how can they help you and your heirs or dependents plan for the future? Are there pitfalls to be avoided in using them? And do you need an attorney to prepare one for you, or is online software the way to go?

The Essex Library is pleased to present Judge Terrance Lomme of Old Saybrook Probate Court, who’ll walk us through these complicated but very useful estate planning tools at two lecture and discussion groups; “Conservatorships” on Tuesday May 13th and “Trusts” on Tuesday May 20th at 6:30 PM. Come with your questions; the talks are free and open to all. Please call 860-767-1560 for more information or to register for these programs.

socialserviceshands-slider-300x145Thursday, May 8th at 6:30 p.m.
The Essex Department of Social Services is pleased to present a discussion on the Social Service programs and services available to Essex residents. We all know Essex is a generous community whose citizens reach out to their neighbors in many diverse ways. But few of us realize how many different social service organizations there are in our area. There are regional, state and federal social service agencies, and other local organizations dedicated to improving the lives of Essex’s residents.

The presentation will highlight resources available in the town of Essex. Detailed descriptions of the primary service providers will be discussed, along with shorter descriptions of frequently used local and regional organizations. The talk will also cover programs and camp scholarships offered by Essex Park and Rec. Come find out what’s available for you and your family.

The Essex library is offering a parenting group intended to support, encourage, and empower new parents to meet the challenges of a baby. We invite new moms and dads (and moms and dads to be) and your baby to join us Mondays in January 11 a.m.-12 p.m. Our Baby Hui Group will discuss topics such as sleeping, feeding, developing, and nurturing with books and songs! There will also be time to talk about what’s on your mind. Please register for this event by calling 860-767-1560 or by emailing Jessica at


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grief groupGrieving is tough –  but you don’t have to go it alone. The Essex Library is hosting a Bereavement Support Group, with leadership provided by Middlesex Hospital Hospice volunteer Reverent John Talbott, a retired Episcopal priest who has run similar groups around the Shoreline area for the past eight years. The group will meet on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 2 p.m., and is free and open to all. If you’re struggling with loss – of a spouse, a parent or other family member, or a close friend –  please consider coming to a meeting; sometimes just having a place to share our feelings makes them easier to bear.  No advance registration is necessary, and drop-ins are welcome.