Brain Power! : 25 Ways To Train Your Brain For Enhanced Memory And Top Performance Presented by Jo Anne Harrison-Becker, MS in Gerontology and Community Psychology

May 19, 2015

brainpowerWednesday, May 27th at 11 a.m. at the Essex Library
There is a lot of emphasis these days on staying physically healthy but we should give equal concern to our mental well-being and memory. In order to stay sharp, it is vitally important to exercise the brain. The less we use our minds, the duller they become. Are you concerned about your memory fading? Is it taking longer to memorize things? Do you have to think a bit longer trying to recall names of friends, or has it become more difficult to concentrate and remember details from a book you just read? To help prevent this from happening, you need to train our brain. It is never too late for anyone to train their brain; improving the blood flow and stimulating the many regions of the brain. This one-hour seminar will teach participants 25 ways to develop a training regimen for your brain!