Interested In Sustainable Design? 2014 Holcim Award Winners Harvest Flood Waters In Las Vegas

January 15, 2015

poreformAmy Mielke (Ennead Architects) and Caitlin Taylor (Centerbrook Architects), winners of the 2014 Holcim Award North American Gold Medal will present their invention of a water absorptive surface and subterranean basin, called Poreform. Their system is capable of rapid saturation and slow release, and reframes water as a valuable resource rather than a liability.

The Holcim Awards is an international competition that recognizes innovative projects and future-oriented concepts on regional and global levels. A total of $2 million in prize money is awarded in each three-year cycle. The Gold Medal winners receive $100,000.

The competition seeks projects that demonstrate an ability to stretch conventional notions about sustainable building and also balance environmental, social and economic performance – while also exemplifying architectural excellence and a high degree of transferability. Their project was featured in­­­ January’s issue of Metropolis Magazine as a ‘game changer’ in sustainable design and engineering.

Friday, January 16th at 7 p.m. at the Essex Library  33 West Ave. Essex, CT 06426