Centerbrook Architects Lecture Series Continues With Architectural Historian Chuck Benson “The Gothic Wonders of England and America”

March 17, 2014

chuckbensonFriday, March 21st at 7 p.m. at the Essex Library
Architectural Historian Chuck Benson explores the Gothic treasures of Great Britain’s Cambridge and Oxford Universities, and their influence on celebrated American college campuses.Large swaths of the Yale campus in New Haven, for example, are designed in what is called, alternately, Collegiate, Neo or Faux Gothic, a style that was popular well into the 20th Century.

Dr. Benson has been teaching Art and Architectural History for more than twenty five years at various universities and has led groups to explore iconic places and buildings in America, Italy, England, France, Germany, Greece, Turkey, and elsewhere.

His lecture credits include MOMA, Getty Museum in Los Angeles, and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. He studied the history of art and architecture at Yale, and holds advanced degrees from Columbia University. He also has studied at Cambridge and Oxford.

Dr. Benson currently serves as the Director of Colorado Operations, and Head of Design for a group that specializes in the architecture and engineering of Satellite Operations Centers and Mission Control Stations. He currently teaches as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, and has taught at the Colorado College and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.

Please call the Library to register: (860) 767-1560. Click here to see the rest of this year’s Centerbrook Series.

Photo credit: Patrick Franzis