Library Membership: A Perfect Holiday Gift

November 30, 2012

Jess with basketWhat is smarter than a smart phone, more enduring than a dozen cookies and classier than a Chanel handbag?

The answer is — a gift membership in the Essex Library Association, the perfect holiday gift!

Membership in your local library is a truly meaningful, lasting gift for family and friends. Long after the holiday gifts are used and set aside, a library membership keeps on giving, because it keeps the library thriving.

Membership matters because it provides funding to keep the library doors open, the children’s and adult programs lively and relevant, and the shelves stocked with the best new books, audiobooks and DVDs.

Beyond that, a gift membership makes both the donor and recipient partners of Essex Library in promoting reading, lifelong learning, community spirit, and civic pride.

What better gift could there be?

Membership is available at levels from $35 to $1,000.

And membership does have its perks! Each level of ELA membership comes with an attractive and functional ELA keepsake, including magnets, mugs, totes and boat bags, plus a special treat for children. The recipient of membership will remember your thoughtful gift and your support of the library for years to come. Your donation to the Library is also tax deductible.