So Much Pretty By Cara Hoffman — So Much Good

March 5, 2011

Just finished reading Cara Hoffman’s debut novel, So Much Pretty…thank you Simon & Schuster for the advanced copy. Mark it down on your must-read list and put the hold on now before the long queues take over as we predict this is going to be a bestseller.

Although the setting is rural upstate New York, the mysterious disappearance of a young woman could — and does, happen almost anywhere.  And though So Much Pretty surrounds a specific act of violence, its main theme is about the willful blindness toward and passive acceptance of violent crimes against women. If you enjoyed The Lovely Bones, if your favorite character from The Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson is Lisbeth Salander, then you will greatly enjoy So Much Pretty. The book is more literature than crime novel however; sketches of  the rural small town and its inhabitants are hauntingly convincing.

The writing is so good that by novel’s end, you’ll be smacking your head the way you did at the end of the film The Usual Suspects. We’re not giving away anything more—but take our advice and read So Much Pretty asap. The release date is March 15, 2011.