The Fates Will Find Their Way…Terrific Debut By Hannah Pittard

January 30, 2011

Hannah Pittard is a magician. When the last page of her debut novel, The Fates Will Find Their Way, is turned, one feels one’s read a book twice as long–and we mean that in the best way. Pittard having scythed away any unnecessary words, nonetheless leaves the reader as full as from an 8-course meal–this is not the diet plate it appears at 250– or so, pages. No surprise that Pittard has already won acclaim for her short stories. Few novels these days leave the reader so equally in admiration of, and provoked by, the content of a book and the strategy of its writing.

A teen-aged girl goes missing and the boys with whom she grew up are indelibly caught up in and scarred by her absence. Pittard finesses the reader’s attention between the fate of the girl and those left behind to wonder, never knowing for sure what happened. We follow the characters through their evolution from teen to young adult to mid-life; each stage displaying the varnish of influence of the disappearance.

Fascinating, compelling, provocative, memorable. This is a definite must-read.  Thank you to Ecco Books for providing the galley.

And while you wait for publication of Pittard’s next book, read Skippy Dies by Paul Murray.