Dear Santa, Kindle vs Overdrive

December 14, 2010

Dear Santa, I’ve been hearing about how popular ebooks are and I was thinking I should get an eReader and try them out. My Library offers the Overdrive downloadable ebook and audiobook service so I can get all my ebooks for free. I like the Kindle from Amazon. Could you put one under my tree this year?

Dear Virginia, What a terrific idea for a gift this year! I’ll be delivering a lot of eReaders to those on my Good list. I should advise you though that the Kindle doesn’t work with the Overdrive service. The Nook, Kobo, Sony eReaders, Apple’s iPad and iPhones and Android devices all are compatible with Overdrive. If you happen to get one of the compatible devices, HoHoHo, check out the Overdrive Q&A for step-by-step instructions and you’ll be reading your books in a flash!