Stephen King’s Dark Tower Novels Coming To Big And Little Screens

September 9, 2010

Universal Pictures and NBC Universal Television Entertainment are adapting Stephen King’s Dark Tower novels into a film trilogy and a network TV series. reported that the project,  “will be creatively steered by the Oscar-winning team behind A Beautiful Mind and The Da Vinci Code. Ron Howard has committed to direct the initial feature film, as well as the first season of the TV series that will follow in close proximity. Akiva Goldsman will write the film, and the first season of the TV series. Howard’s Imagine Entertainment partner Brian Grazer will produce, with Goldsman and the author.”

According to the current plan, the project will begin with a feature film, then “create a bridge to the second feature with a season of TV episodes,” followed by a movie sequel, then back to the TV series before another film, wrote. The cast will appear in both film and television versions.