Learn A Foreign Language Online And In The Library

July 14, 2010

We could offer many reasons for learning a foreign language–for traveling, adding to your skills list on a resume, communicating with friends living abroad, etc., etc. Whatever your reason or motivation, we’ve got some tools to help you with your language instruction.

MakeUseOf.com produced a list of 7 online games (free) that help with learning a foreign language. Here at the Library, we have–through a generous grant from the Middlesex County Community Foundation, new resources for foreign language instruction including CD-ROM language learning programs, ESL study guides for Spanish and Chinese speakers, bilingual books and workbooks, flashcards, medical phrase books, and circulating MP3 players for downloading language instruction audio books and a Rosetta Stone program for French.

So play some of the games online and when you get more serious with your studies, come in to the Library and make use of our foreign language materials.