Free E-Books Have Arrived At The Essex Library

January 29, 2010

Essex Library patrons don’t have to wait any longer to have access to free e-books. Our Overdrive service now provides over 250 e-books, both fiction and non-fiction with more to be added. The e-books may be downloaded to your computer–PC or Mac, a Sony Reader or a Barnes & Noble Nook. Look for additional compatible reading devices to be made available in the future. As with the Overdrive downloadable audiobook service,  Apple devices were eventually licensed to be compatible and we might expect the same to happen with the E-Book service. No idea when or if the Amazon Kindle will become a compatible device in the future, but we can hope so.

The E-Book service is as easy to use as Overdrive’s downloadable audiobooks. Just download the Adobe software to your chosen device–it took us less than 5 minutes to sign up for a free Adobe ID and then to download the software. Downloading the book to our computer took approximately 4 seconds. And there it was, at our fingertips. Features on the Adobe software include:  the ability to increase (or decrease) the font size on the page, bookmark multiple pages with notes and search for words or phrases throughout the text. How cool is that? Overdrive now allows for 7 titles in any combination of audio or e-book to be checked out at one time. The audiobooks check out for 10 days and the e-books for 2 weeks. The files expire automatically with no overdue fines to worry about. Even if you think you’d never enjoy an e-book, try one out…it’s free, and it might prove to be a way to increase your access to reading materials.