Derek Landy Answers Our Questions–And Yours

December 30, 2009

Acclaimed Irish author Derek Landy (author of the international smash hit young-adult fantasy detective series Skulduggery Pleasant) is planning an exclusive new trip through the U.S. blogosphere. The online tour celebrates Skulduggery’s birthday on Dec. 31 (he’ll be 103) and Landy’s new author blog: Derek Landy Blogs Under Duress.

Derek has graciously offered to answer two questions on our blog which we submitted to him about two weeks ago:

Did you draw the graphics at the beginning of each chapter?
Even though I did go to art college, I’m not quite good enough to be trusted with something as important as the graphics! They’re drawn by Tom Percival, and sometimes the characters are so exactly like the ones in my head it seems like Tom has opened up my skull and scooped out my brain. Which, um, is charming.

You used SAT words like meritorious, sagacious and viscous–was that a conscious effort on your part to improve your readers’ vocabulary?
I’ve never been afraid of words, and I’ve never been afraid of using words that not all of my readers will instantly recognize. I don’t really mind if they have to put down the book for a moment to look up a word. I’m not trying to confuse or irritate them, but the fact of the matter is that I treat my younger readers like adults, because why shouldn’t I? I figure if they’re reading the book, they’re smart enough anyway and they deserve my respect.

Derek Landy is visiting more library blogs all this week. Read more about him and about Skulduggery Pleasant at these great blog sites: Green Bean Teen Queen, Library Lounge Lizard Blog, Read Kiddo Read, and Wondrous Reads.

Derek’s latest Skulduggery book, “The Faceless Ones” was recently released in the U.S. this fall and has been nominated for several book awards this year, including the Cybil Award.  The book just landed on Amazon UK’s Top 100 Books for 2009 and its popularity is growing with American audiences, fueled by rabid online fan sites, Derek’s recent appearance at the Irish Book Arts and Music Festival in Chicago, and his brand new author site, Derek Landy Blogs Under Duress.


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  1. joey Says:

    i love skulduggery pleasant

  2. I think your books are amazing but theres one more question to ask. WQhat are your achievements?

  3. sofie Says:

    umm… hello mr landy…

    this might seem further out than freakish but… i honestly dont know what the heck to do… the links in the latest munchkin army post didnt work. at all… so… now ive been stalking you a bit around the internet sir and you probably cant do anything about it anyway and its even more possible that you wont as much as see nevermind reply to this but im desperate. the links dont work and i really wish they would… if you see this before the competition about making a character for your next book ends… well i dont know if theres anything you can do but if you can… id really appreciate it.

    – sofie

  4. tamzin Says:

    don’t kill of tanith

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