Eat, Pray, Love Sequel Is Committed

August 21, 2009

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the fantastically popular book Eat, Pray, Love: one woman’s search for everything across Italy, India, and Indonesia has just revealed the title of her next book– Committed: a skeptic makes peace with marriage. Very little information about the new book, due out in January, has been released but The New York Times discovered that “the book is a memoir of a tumultuous year that came 18 months after Eat, Pray, Love leaves off, as well as a meditation on wedlock.” Gilbert’s fan base will be eager to see if she’s got the right stuff for a follow-up or if the earlier book was a fluke. The publisher certainly is behind her; they’ve committed to a first printing of one million books.

While you wait to get your copy of Committed from the Library, check out Gilbert’s TED talk (we love these) where she discusses the pressures of creativity and early success and how she, and others, might use the ancient Roman’s theory of a genius to prevent premature demise. It’s inspirational.