Your Favorite Authors And Their ‘Beach Buddies’

August 11, 2009

The Washington Post recently published a special Summer Reading Issue which included an article called “Beach Buddies”. In it, they asked authors which book character they would like to accompany them for a day on the beach. We were amused by their answers. Read it for your amusement, then please let us know the book character with whom you would like to have some fun in the sun. Our favorite responses were from Christopher Buckley, Colson Whitehead and Arthur Phillips.

For our choice, we would like to bring Bertie Wooster and Jeeves to the beach. Wooster would be endlessly entertaining while trying all the time not to be rude about our appearance in bathing attire, drinks would flow and Jeeves would take exceptional care of us over and between meals, then pack us back in the car for a merry ride home. Splendid!