Movie To Get Boys Reading

June 4, 2009

We just watched an interesting film called The Stone Reader that, on its surface, is a fascinating documentary about a search for a long-lost author of a book published in 1972 which was dubbed “the book of its generation” but has now been mostly forgotten. The subliminal message of the film however, and possibly its most meaningful contribution to society, is how crucial reading books can be for boys and young men. The film is scattered with men talking about the influence books have had on their intellectual development, their enjoyment of reading and the meaning other people’s stories have had for them. Mario Puzo, author of The Godfather, is heard talking about how important libraries were to his writing career. In interview after interview you’ll be mesmerized, leaning in to hear each word, as the subjects speak about the impact of one book or reading in general has had on them. This film should be required ‘watching’ in schools.