Hot Book News For Young Adults

March 23, 2009

We keep our ear to the ground for book news and what do we get– besides dirty ears? We get to tell you about great books already published, about to be published and in the pipeline.

One of today’s hottest bestsellers is a teen vampire story–and it’s not by Stephenie Meyer! It’s the 5th book in the House Of Night series by the mother/daughter team, P.C. and Kristin Cast: Hunted. The first four books in the series, also bestsellers, are: Marked, Betrayed, Untamed and Chosen.  Go ahead, read them all; you know you want to.

If I Stay by Gayle Forman, due out on April 2nd, is garnering comparisons with The Lovely Bones and is anticipated to be as popular as Twilight. This is Forman’s 2nd YA title–the first was Sisters In Sanity.  The director of the film version of Twilight, Catherine Hardwicke has already been signed to direct If I Stay.  Put your hold on this book now!

If you enjoyed The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, then you may already know that the sequel, Catching Fire, is due out September 1st. Film rights have already been sold for The Hunger Games. Scholastic, publisher of the books, is holding a writing contest that asks, in 500 words, “How would you survive?” The grand prize winner will get, among other things, to have a private lunch with Suzanne Collins in New York City.