Celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

February 6, 2009

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States…and, some might say, the best. We are celebrating his 200th birthday (February 12th) at the Library with a special display of books about his life, writings and achievements.

We believe that the English language has suffered greatly since his loss. If for no other reason than a love for language that carries extraordinary emotional content with fluidity and a commitment to unambiguous communication, you should read his speeches and writings. Yes, he uses some $10 words. But even when he does, he does it brilliantly.

Check out the new thought-provoking book: Lincoln On Race & Slavery by Henry Louis Gates coming out next week, and the PBS special documentary airing also next week. In the meantime, see how much trivia you already know by taking the Lincoln quiz on PBS’ website.