Jerome L. Wilson: Is The European Union A European Utopia?

August 7, 2008

Essex resident Jerome Wilson, who recently returned from the European Union capital of Brussels, will report on his findings at a special program at the Essex Library on Sunday, September 21 at 4:00 p.m.

While on his trip to Brussels, Mr. Wilson met with 14 Ambassadors to the important EU Council of Ministers, which represents the interests of the member states. He also met with a senior member of the executive branch of the EU, the European Commission, as well as with the President of the EU’s 785-member, European Parliament and with the parliament’s Chairman for relations with the United States.

“You have to admit that the EU has a lot going for it these days, and in many ways it is an extraordinary organization,” Mr. Wilson said. “In fact, its achievements are so vast that it would not be a stretch to call it a European Utopia.”

“What else can you call an organization, which has muted German militarism, so that it is now a peaceful democracy; which stood for decades as a bastion of freedom in Europe against the Soviets; and which recently incorporated into its midst, ten functioning democratic states once ruled by the Soviets in Eastern Europe.”

“Still for all this, there is a malaise in Europe over its unprecedented government, which is also part of the story,” Mr. Wilson said.

Those interested in attending should call 767-1560 for reservations.

To read more about the EU, visit Jerry Wilson’s blog at:


2 Responses to “Jerome L. Wilson: Is The European Union A European Utopia?”

  1. How was the Essex Library event? Sorry to have missed it.

  2. When I lived in Glasgow back in 1978 for the year as an AFS exchange student the SNP was considered somewhat of an extremist reactionary movement – independence being something that many loudly proclaimed they wanted but I don’t think ever imagined a reality. I guess that has changed. Altho, could they survive economically as their own country? What is the point other than nationalist pride?

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