John Adams On HBO This Sunday

March 12, 2008

David McCullough’s Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of John Adams has been adapted as a seven-part series and will premier on HBO this Sunday at 9p.m. Paul Giamatti stars as Adams and Laura Linney as his wife Abigail.


2 Responses to “John Adams On HBO This Sunday”

  1. Anna Says:

    I was watching the HBO series John Adams tonight and there was a nod at George Washington’s false teeth. It made me laugh because I remembered that those teeth are on display in Baltimore at The National Museum of Dentistry. Not only that, the map that the American delegation in France used to identify the United States of America at the Treaty of Paris, the actual map from George III’s library, is on display at the Maps exhibitions running at The Walters Art Museum. Check it out

  2. Fortress Guy Says:

    I appreciate littel historical touches like the ones mentioned in the comment above. However that kind of depth was rare, and more often the series tried to “humanize” the founders in unflattering ways.

    Yes, they were human, but I read McCullough’s book and I see little of the same spirit in the HBO production.

    I wrote a take on the series if you are interested:

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