Winter Foreign Film Series Returns In January

December 26, 2007

summer_films.jpgOur Winter Foreign Film Series returns again on Fridays at 7 p.m., beginning on January 4th and running through January 25th.

The 4 films are:

  • Jan 4th-Caché (France, 2005) Anne and George Laurent seem to live the perfect life in a lovely Parisian neighborhood until they start receiving anonymous videos of their home and family. Who is doing the videotaping and why? The performances of Daniel Auteuil and Juliette Binoche are superb as they convey their gradual emotional disintegration in subtly different ways. This is a movie you could spend hours examining, analyzing and, above all, arguing about with others. Directed by Michael Heneke.
  • Jan 11th-After Life (Japan, 1998) Suspended between earth and heaven, 22 people have a week to answer an important question: “What is the one memory that you choose to carry into the afterlife?” The memory they choose will then become the afterlife they experience throughout eternity. How people remember, how they fictionalize their memories, and the nature of memory itself are all part of the fascination of After Life. This is an exquisite film that explores after-life experience and lingers in the mind and in the senses for many days. Directed by Kore-eda Hirokazu.
  • Jan 18th-City Of God (Brazil, 2003) Horrifying yet at times comic, City of God, is an unforgettable picture of a group of youths growing up in an impoverished housing project built by the Brazilian government. Our guide to the “City of God” is Rocket, a young man who would surely wind up another corpse on the street if he didn’t find his life’s calling in photography. Armed with a cheap point-and-shoot and a keen eye, he becomes the chronicler of his community. This is a skillfully composed film that impresses with its artistry and quirkiness while delivering a blow to the solar plexus with its message. Directed by Fernando Meirelles.
  • Jan 25th- The Lives Of Others (Germany, 2006) Set, appropriately, in 1984, The Lives of Others is a rich and involved drama from the period of German history preceding the fall of the Berlin Wall. Gerd Wiesler, a dedicated and respected officer in communist East Berlin’s secret Stasi police has the task of spying on a popular playwright and his live-in girlfriend to determine if the couple has any involvement in anti-government activities. A cold and lonely man who unquestioningly follows orders, Wiesler develops an unexpected curiosity in his subjects that changes all of their lives. His exposure to the passionate and artistic couple forces him to reevaluate his commitments to the country’s oppressive regime. The Lives of Others works beautifully, both as a social and psychological drama and as a taut, tightly wired thriller. Directed by Florian Henkel.

Those who attend are invited to participate in a short discussion following the viewing. Coffee and a light dessert will be served during and after the film.


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