New Website On November 1st!

October 29, 2007

We ‘ll be debuting our newly renovated website on Thursday, November 1st. Take a few minutes and navigate through the new pages. Did you know that every month we list all the new materials added to the collections? Or that you can put a hold on sure-to-be-bestselling books before they’re released by the publishers on the New Release Alerts page? You can also find out about all the upcoming programs for children and adults including our 4 book clubs. Our museum passes are all listed for your convenience as are our services and policies. There is a whole new research section which includes a monthly “Spotlight On Reference” page which will focus on using the reference materials in the library and online. There are also new research links pages with hundreds of links to useful and interesting websites. The new website will have sections with information on volunteering and making donations to the Library. Let us know what you think of it.