New Board Members!

October 26, 2007

On Monday evening, at the Annual Member’s Meeting, three new Board members were elected. Welcome to: Leslie Anderson, Stuart Littler and Casey O’Brien. New officers of the Board were also elected. Michael Hammond is now the President, and Stephanie Degen-Monroe Vice-President. They join: Paul Ferrucci and Bill Jacaruso/co-Treasurers and Leslie Black who is the Secretary. The remaining Board members are: Janice Atkeson (who is also President of the Friends), Alison Brinkmann, Marilyn Buel, Maureen Heher, Alison Marcinek, Hans Ullstein and Stuart Warner. We bid a fond farewell from the Board to Terry Smith, Barry Fulford and John Heiser–thank you for all your time, effort and dedication to helping make the Essex Library the wonderful community asset that it is.