New This Week In The Library

October 4, 2007

Here are a few of the new materials we’ve added to our collections this week:

Audiobooks–on CD–“Doing What Matters” by James M. Kilts ~ Kilts has been the successful CEO of Gillette, Nabisco and Kraft by focusing on what matters and ignoring the rest. “Sweet Revenge” by Diane Mott Davidson ~ Davidson’s best-selling culinary series, set in luxurious Aspen, Colorado, never fail to captivate fans with their tasty combination of humor, suspense, and mouth-watering recipes.

DVD–Alex Rider Operation Stormbreaker ~ Alex Rider is an ordinary teenager except that he has been trained to be the ultimate spy. When his uncle goes missing, Alex investigates a billionaire who’s plotting to take over the world’s computers.

Adult Fiction–“The Gum Thief” by Douglas Coupland ~ Coupland, the author of “All Families Are Psychotic”, has struck again with another humorous, absorbing story.

Adult Non-Fiction–“Deluxe” by Dana Thomas ~ There was a time when luxury was available to only the rich and powerful…it was a lifestyle. Things have changed and Thomas provides the answers to why and how luxury has lost its luster.