Friends Events

June 26, 2007

To the Friends of the Essex Library

Last week there was an organizational meeting to introduce Friends programs and activities. We were very pleased to have so many interested attendees. For those who were not able to make this meeting, please take a look at the following. It outlines what we’re doing this year and the contacts if you want to become involved. We look forward to having you as part of the Friends Volunteers.

Janice Atkeson 767-7223

Marilyn Buel 767-7742

To become part of the many Friends activities just contact the volunteers listed below or become part of our Volunteers List (see below).

Book Sales (May and October)

Chairman: Dee Grover, 767-1893,

Festival of Parties (October 2007 through March 2008)

Co-Chairs: Molly Lombardi, 767-2422, / Marilyn Buel, 767-7742, .

To sign up as a hostess, contact Hostess Coordinator: Rebecca Halsey, 767-3374, . To help out, contact Marilyn or Molly.


Newcomers Book Bag Program

Co-Chairs: Tammy Hinkley, 767-8554, / Barbara Zernike, 767-8234,

Friends Cookbook

Co-Chairs: Molly Lombard, 767-2423, / Terry Smith, 767-7119,

Field Trips to Area Literary Locations

Co-Chairs: Daphne Nielson, 767-0547, / Jean Hernandez, 767-1410

Other Supporting Activities for our Friends volunteers—General Information


Fundraising Events

Board Positions

Contact: Janice Atkeson, President, 767-7223,, Marilyn Buel, 767-7742,

To get on our Volunteers List:

Contact our Volunteer Co-Chairs: Lois Thomsen, 767- 7557, /Alice

Vandeursen, 767-2224,