Jerry Reed to Present “Hands -on” Digital Photography Workshop at Essex Library

May 24, 2007


Jerry Reed, professional photographer and digital photography educator will conduct a two part learning experience for digital photographers on Saturday, June 9th at the Essex Library. The workshop, entitled Camera to Print: a New Workflow for Digital Photographers, will be comprised of classroom instruction in the morning followed by a practical hands-on session in the field after lunch.

The classroom component will focus on the features of the digital camera with special emphasis on effectively composing, focusing and exposing images. This session will begin at 10am and run until approximately 12:30pm.

During the afternoon session, participants will gain hands-on experience in the field. They will need to bring their own cameras, camera manuals and any other photographic equipment that they require. Jerry Reed will guide and instruct them in implementing the principles learned in the morning session. This session will end at approximately 3:30pm.

The fee for the two-part workshop is $50. Registration is necessary. Please call the Library at 767-1560 or e-mail the Library at: to register.