New Connecticut Author–Actually, It’s Essex’ Own Jenny Tripp!

March 30, 2007

pete-and-fremont.jpg Essex resident and Essex Library staff member Jenny Tripp has written a juvenile fiction book titled “Pete and Fremont” which will be released by publisher Harcourt on Tuesday, May 1st. We were all very excited to see it reviewed in ‘Booklist’ (page 49, March 15th issue) and would like to share the review with you:

“Pete is an aging poodle performer in a small-time circus. After getting his tail scorched while jumping through a hoop, he is demoted to a part in the clown act. Hoping to return to star billing, Pete tries to persuade the circus’ recently acquired grizzly bear, Fremont, to join him in a new act. Fremont isn’t interested, though; he wants to return to his familiar mountains and forests. Finally, however, the bear relents; catapults Pete into the center ring; and joins him in a juggling act. At the story’s end, Pete pays Fremont back for his many kindnesses by helping him escape to a national park. Pete is an entertaining narrator who has all the bravado of a show-biz veteran. Young readers will enjoy this story of a circus in which the animals, unbeknownst to their human managers, actually run the show.–Todd Morning”

The Essex Library will be having a book launch party for Jenny on Friday, May 18th from 7-8pm. You are all welcome to come meet our sparkling new author!


2 Responses to “New Connecticut Author–Actually, It’s Essex’ Own Jenny Tripp!”

  1. Jan Buckwald Says:

    I just saw this online. I’m a Berkeley friend of Jenny and would appreciate your passing along this message:
    I’d love to hear how you’re doing, you and the fam. As for the children’s books, YOU GO, GIRL! I’m quite proud of you and so not surprised, as your ridiculous talent was always evident.
    My love to you (and Gerry),
    Jan (Pic)

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